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Reference code 矢島-25-2
Title Herman H. Goldstine and John von Newmann, PLANNING AND CODING OF PROBLEMS FOR AN ELECTRONIC COMPUTING INSTRUMENT (Report on the Mathematical and Logical aspects of an Electronic Computing Instrument PartⅡ,VolumeⅠ) I
Level Kyoto University Archives寄贈・寄託資料矢島脩三関係資料KDC-I以前資料
Name of creator
Date (start) 1947年
Date (end)
Scope and content 冊子、nstitute for Advanced Study Princeton, New Jersey、Goldstienから矢島宛封筒入り、「昭和48年(1973年)7月12日受領」との自筆朱書あり
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Storage location 1-2/6-1-4/箱2
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